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You're certain your text is understandable, and you just want to get it
'tuned up' before you submit it. We'll fix spelling errors, typos, incorrect
sentence construction, punctuation, etc. – all the basics.

This does not include higher-level issues. If in addition to the basics
you need to improve word choice and conceptual flow, make text more
understandable and concise, etc., then you need our
regular service.

Consider the following basic example:

Context/study aim: A study on how eating carrots may affect vision.

This data shows that in order to improve sight carrots are good diet choices.

These data show that, to improve sight, carrots are a good diet choice.

Regular service:
These data suggest that the regular consumption of carrots improves vision.

Fees & Turnaround schedule
To submit your manuscript, please email us and attach it.
Mention "Tune-up" in your email or your submission will be
considered a regular service submission.
How It Works

  •  Email us the paper, and indicate that you want a Tune-up
  •  We confirm the cost and deadline
  •  We edit & return to you
  •  You pay
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paper to find out
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you decide if you
want to proceed.)
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Business days (M-F)
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2 business days
1501 to 4000
2 business days
4001 to 6000
3 business days
6001 to 9000
3 business days
let's talk
more than 9000
4 or more (depending on length)
Need it done immediately? For 24 h service: $75, $113, $149, $224, respectively.
A Tune-up cleans up the basics. We do not add questions/comments to clarify the
meanings of statements, and do not aim to improve the "flow" of your work.

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